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Police PTSD: Officer Survival

A Powerful 2-day PTSD Training for all Police,
Sheriff’s & Public Safety Supervisors

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  • Actionable ways to handle stress & trauma on-duty
  • 5-vital signs of PTSD
  • Starting tough conversations
  • Lies we tell ourselves
  • Mindfulness, meditation, Yoga & more
  • Hidden dangers of Vicarious PTSD
  • Answers to family & friend’s questions
  • Learning to be my brother’s keeper
  • Who can you really trust?
  • Peer support, coaching, therapies & more
  • Coping: Resources, apps, tips & tricks
  • How’s your Social mental health?
  • PTSD Rulings, case studies, trends & more
  • Teaching new officers how to protect themselves
  • How to break the silence & stigma!

Instructor Chris Ryan candidly discusses real world
issues facing today’s progressive police PTSD Training

Coming Soon

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$295 per person – Limited seating available

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