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Police PTSD: Officer Survival

Instructor Chris Ryan brings the candid, impactful training style that he’s
shared with officers across the US and around the world for 18 years.

Police PTSD: Officer Survival

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A Powerful 2-day PTSD Training for all Police, Sheriff’s & Public Safety Supervisors


  • Actionable ways to handle stress & trauma on-duty
  • 5-vital signs of PTSD
  • Starting tough conversations
  • Lies we tell ourselves
  • Mindfulness, meditation, Yoga & more
  • Hidden dangers of Vicarious PTSD
  • Answers to family & friend’s questions
  • Learning to be my brother’s keeper
  • Who can you really trust?
  • Peer support, coaching, therapies & more
  • Coping: Resources, apps, tips & tricks
  • How’s your Social mental health?
  • PTSD Rulings, case studies, trends & more
  • Teaching new officers how to protect themselves
  • How to break the silence & stigma!

Instructor Chris Ryan candidly discusses real world issues
facing today’s progressive police PTSD Training

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My Police PTSD story

by Chris Ryan

July 18, 2016, I was talking with a Sheriff’s deputy friend that attended my PIO Boot Camp. We were discussing the tragic assassination of 3 Baton Rouge area police officers.




As we talked, I started reading a Facebook post from 10 days earlier written by Baton Rouge Police Corporal Montrell Jackson. He wrote about feeling physically and emotionally tired in the days following the shooting death of Alton Sterling. Cpl. Jackson talked about feeling “distrust, hatred and looks when he was in or out of uniform.” Jackson added “…whoever you are, if you see me and need a hug or want to say a prayer. I got you,” he wrote in a July 8 post.

A moment later, I remembered that Corporal Montrell Jackson was murdered along with Officer Matthew Gerald, and Deputy Sheriff Brad the previous day.

“A deep sadness came over me and soon tears were streaming down my face.”

It was at that moment, that I knew something was wrong. I didn’t know Officer Jackson personally, but I’ve trained and worked with thousands of officers like him across the United States and around the world.

It took a full 3-years after to know and understand that the feelings, symptoms, reactions and emotions that I had been feeling were caused by PTSD.

I was truly blessed that an inquisitive Sheriff’s Lieutenant attending my seminar took the time to share his very personal story of PTSD.

Next, the Sheriff’s Lieutenant me asked some very personal questions and confronted me with his observations with “Chris you have PTSD.” I could hardly believe what he said so I asked him to repeat it. He again said, “Chris, you have PTSD!”  A wave of relief came over my entire body and I started feeling emotional.  My first words in response were “Yeah, I know, I’ve been lying to myself about it.”

— Instructor Chris Ryan–

Reality check…

A police officer responds to a domestic violence call, she approaches an open door and sees a man beating a woman inside. Her backup is minutes away but she had to stop the attack. The officer enters and struggles with the suspect briefly but is able to place him under arrest.



She turns the suspect over to her backup and realizes that her wrist was badly injured. The officer is transported to the hospital and her broken wrist is put in a plaster cast meaning 6-8 weeks off patrol to heal. She returned to regular patrol after 7-weeks.

An officer physically injured on the job, gets support, time to heal and recuperate and return to the job.

What if the officer is dealing with a mental traumatic injury or psychological issue on the job? Does the officer get the support, time to heal, recuperate and return to the job?

— Instructor Chris Ryan —

This is a woman standing on a pier overlooking a beach - Police PTSD Training

From the front lines of Ferguson “…the atmosphere here is thick, you can feel the danger, smell it, taste it.”

“…overnights here are like shark frenzies, burning, shooting, throwing looting, turning over police cars, etc.”

“When somebody was feeling down or emotional after one of those really bad scenes, I used to say suck it up or come on don’t be wuss or wimp. I don’t say that anymore after I lost two buddies to suicide. This stuff is killing us!”

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Instructor: Chris Ryan

Maverick, Passionate and Unconventional are just a few words that describe Chris Ryan. Mr. Ryan is an internationally recognized expert in media relations, crisis and trial communications. He also has extensive expertise in high-profile image management.

Mr. Ryan is president of Ryan & Assoc. Public Relations, a Phoenix, Arizona based communications firm providing expert counsel to a variety of private, corporate and government clients worldwide.

The firm is dedicated to the management of crisis and other high profile situations across the globe since 1990. Mr. Ryan continues to be in high demand as a media relations consultant, trainer and speaker.

A well-rounded and diverse background in international business, law enforcement, municipal courts, radio and television, give Mr. Ryan tremendous insight into his work and communications with clients and the news media.

He speaks 3 languages and brings a wealth of knowledge, street smarts and instincts to each project that he undertakes.

Mr. Ryan is a highly regarded news analyst and commentator. He has been featured on ABC World News, FOX News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor” with Bill O’Reilly, Court TV with Nancy Grace, Inside Edition with Deborah Norville and MSNBC News.

His opinions have been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Washington Times, USA Today, Detroit News,Arizona Republic, New York Post, Investment News, Associated Press, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Orlando Sentinel and Philadelphia Daily News.

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